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Montana Farm and Ranch Show

                    Celebrating the Past, and Supporting the Future of Montana Farming and Ranching.

tractor_logoMay 3, 4 & 5, 2013 at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds:
Friday 5:00-8:00
Saturday 10:00-6:00
Sunday 10:00-4:00

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Montana’s Farming and Ranching roots have made our State an exciting place to call home. History abounds in our everyday lives. Century old farm houses, 5th generation farmers working fields, ranchers and cowboys branding each spring… Montana has soul and grit. Even if the heaviest thing you move each day is a few million pixels, living in Montana reminds you of the hard work that built the towns and cities of the West.

altEveryone at Big Valley Productions respects what it took to build Montana, and we realize that farming and ranching is necessary for the future of Montana, our great country, and the world. The Montana Farm and Ranch Show celebrates Montana’s farming and ranching past while supporting its future.

The Montana Farm and Ranch Show 2013 will have something for everyone to enjoy. Get ready to be inspired! Displays, vendors, demonstrations, events, good food, great music, contests, prizes – cinch up and ride in to town for a healthy dose of the good life! We’ll have something for large landowners, small acreage owners, city folk, and people that just plain appreciate Montana’s Farming and Ranching history and future.

The show has vendors from every corner of the farming and ranching industry. Soup to nuts, small to large, there will be experts to show you their wares, give bombproof advice, and help you to start your journey or guide you at your crossroads. 

No interest in taking part in farming and ranching? No problem.  The entertainment value of The Montana Farm and Ranch Show wouldn’t fit on the largest hay wagon. Check out the restored tractors,, watch spinners spin and weavers weave, listen to history talks, watch presentions in the ag theatre.  Plenty of good people will be celebrating to toe tapping music.  Sure, there’ll be animals - baby chicks, lambs, pigs and cows too.

If competition is what you are after, how good are  you a at backing up that stock trailer? Then make sure to enter the trailer backing competition. Two-person teams will hook up and back between a chute of pylons - here's the catch - The driver is blindfolded and is directed vocally by the partner from outside of the truck! Challenging and frustrating for the contestants, and hilarious to watch!

Still nothing for you? Do you garden?  Come listen to the presentations from the local garden clubs.  Find out where you can buy some vegetable starts.  Make sure you find out about canning on Saturday with the presentation in the lecture hall.

Some folks like to shop. Well, we've got that covered too. They'll be plenty farm toys, farm and ranch antiques and art, as well as handmade cards featuring chickens and vegetables. Mom will love a Montana Farm and Ranch Show dish towel for Mother's Day!

This is thee place to come if you are interested in raising your own meat.  Producers will be there with their animals ready to give you advice on the process. We'll have vets, butchers and feed information too.  If watering and fencing isn't in your future, buy a share of an animal and leave the tending to someone else.  This works the same on the vegetable side.  Come to the show and buy a CSA share.  You'll be set for the season.  

So you like to win things? If you fill out your ticket stub you can be eligible for awesome door prizes. The kids will be picking up some prizes at the tractor bingo game.

This is Montana’s show. Every year we’ll be back to warm up your spring. You’ll look forward to the sights, sounds, and smells. Your kids will ask when they can visit again.

altGo ahead and click on the events tab or the vendors tab. Each section will be updated every Friday as new folks commit to being part of our show.